Citizens for Prairie Dogs wants to educate the public and governing bodies that prairie dogs and
humans can peacefully coexist on this wonderful planet where we all live.  We are fully aware that
sometimes prairie dogs and people do clash.  When that occurs, we are there to provide
assistance in relocating them to an accommodating area.   There must be an alternative to
poisoning, gassing, and blasting or it will continue.  The public sometimes does not know there is
an alternative and we are here to help provide non-lethal methods of control.
    We do take the stand that landowners also need to take responsibility.  In a perfect world
we could simply swoop in and save every single prairie dog in jeopardy.  Everything does
cost money, however, so we need as much support as possible from landowners with the
problems and from private citizens. As realists, since every single prairie dog cannot be
saved, we will try with every ounce of energy and every resource available to save and
protect as many as possible.  By doing so, we know the world will be a better place as all
creatures are here for a reason.
    In addition to actually capturing and relocating prarie dogs we have contributed to several
educational programs in schools across the area and have participated in three documentaries.
If prairie dogs become listed as endangered, we all lose.  Landowners and groups like Citizens for
Prairie Dogs will lose the ability and freedom to find solutions to help them.  We believe if
everyone would contribute in some way to saving all “threatened” species, it would not be
necessary to rely on governmental assistance.
    Thank you for any support you give.  Joann Haddock
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Out of suds
Prarie Dogs emerge